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Great for working out or just a hot day

It is really hard to find player version soccer shirts that fit my obesity body, because they run very small. They do not make much in a 4x size as he usually wears a 3x in other brands but they are too short and too tight. When I returned them to the store the clerk said everything in player version jerseys is runs small as they are made for athletes who work out all the time and are in shape. He said to always go up a size in shorts and running shorts always get a 10 inch length unless you run track. He was very helpful. I wish the factory would take note they would sell more shirts if they made more color selection and shirt selection in 4x since not just athletes want to buy their products as they limit the market by a lot by doing this. I just want others to know that we had to order, take what did not fit to the store and get a refund and then reorder online because they do not carry larger sizes in the store.

So, I’ve been dropping some poundage and needed an athletic shirt to sit as a stand in for team logo creator a cycling jersey. I didn’t want to spend money on a cycling jersey, only to not be able to wear it in a few months. This shirt was a great decision. I’ve never worn athletic shirts before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how effective it would be.

First, the shirt is incredibly comfortable. On a 2.5 hours ride, it never chaffed or rubbed the wrong way. I purchased it in white, so it did a great job at reflecting the sunlight and keeping me cool. I was also pretty impressed at how quickly the shirt dried (and I sweat A LOT). Within about 20 minutes of me finishing my ride, the shirt was pretty dry.

I would definitely recommend buying a size up from what you currently wear since these player version shirts run slightly small. But overall, really worth the money.