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Birds bid early adieu to Kashmir as temperature rises

Hundreds of migratory birds are bidding an early adieu to Kashmir this year because of unusually hot temperatures and scant rain and snowfall.

the migration back to summer homes from the Valley by the migratory bird species starts by the middle of March, but due to unusual rise in temperatures and scant precipitation during the winter months, these avian visitors are leaving earlier this year said Imtiyaz Ahmad Lone, wildlife warden (Wetlands Kashmir).

He said many species of migratory birds including Pintails, Mallards, Pochards, Wigeons and Shovellers have already left the Valley for their summer homes in Russian Siberia, adidas superstar Eastern Europe, the Philippines, China, central Asia and other places.

The wildlife warden said last year 567,000 migratory birds including Greylag Geese, Mallards, Teals, Pochards, Wigeons, Shovellers, Gadwalls and Pintails came to spend the winter months in the bird sanctuaries and other water bodies of the Valley to ward off the extreme cold of their summer homes.

year, we fear the number of avian visitors would be much less, he said.

Srinagar city recorded a maximum of 20.4 degrees Celsius on February 24.

Sonam Lotus, director of the local MET office, said this had happened after 76 years.

Bad news for bird lovers and wildlife wardens

are multiple factors responsible for lesser number of birds visiting the Valley this year. The biggest of course is the climate change, but shrinking areas of our bird reserves, pollution of water bodies because of discharge of effluents contribute heavily to affect the health of our water bodies he said.

In addition to the migratory bird species that live here permanently during the winter months, there are many species which come for a while.

are many birds of passage like the Cormorants and Sandhill cranes which spend some time in the Valley both in the beginning of the winter season and towards the end of this season, he said.

The birds of passage then move on to Indian plains spending some more time in the Valley on return journey to their summer homes.

year, due to early spring setting in the Valley, the birds of passage could very well overshoot our water bodies by deciding not to spend any time here at all the warden said.

The Valley best known bird sanctuaries are the Hokarsar on the outskirts of Srinagar city, Hygam and Mirgund in Baramulla district and Shallabugh in Ganderbal district.

few Greylag Geese came to the Valley this year. The Geese need much bigger water spaces for feeding and spending time.

The Wullar Lake hosted comparatively better numbers of Geese this season, but nowhere like the flocks that have been seen in the past.

In unprotected water bodies like the Wullar Lake and many others, poachers are reportedly shooting the migratory birds as the local wildlife department is understaffed.

are taking all steps to check poaching outside the bird reserves and we have seized many weapons and lodged cases against poachers. There is absolutely no chance of any poaching in the protected water bodies, the warden said, adding that any poaching would be happening in unprotected water bodies.

Under the laws of the land, adidas wholesalers south africa shooting of birds is an offence and a stringent punishment is prescribed for offenders.

Migratory birds are great navigators travelling thousands of miles between their summer and winter homes.

eldest in the flock leads during navigation as others fly behind in a highly disciplined pattern. If the leader falls sick or gets shot during the flight, the second in the lead takes immediate command, he said.

Different species of the birds fly separately and that is why the maxim, birds of the same feather fly together.

The cackle of the migratory birds, their wonderfully variegated plumage and the majesty of their flight are a legacy Kashmir cannot not allow to wither away.

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al Canadiens

When hockey players decide to hang up their skates, adidas zx flux their desire to stay connected to the sport they played and were so very passionate about since childhood, is still as strong as ever before. Some end up working directly with their respective teams, while some decide to work on the other side of the microphone as TV or radio analysts. Many Habs alums now cover the Canadiens in one way or another, and we caught up with a few of them to learn more about their transition to the media. This week, Mathieu Darche who is an analyst for RDS.

What motivated you to make the transition into the media world?

MATHIEU DARCHE: In my last year in Montreal, our team had a tough year and did not secure a playoff spot. Once the regular season ends, RDS typically approaches one or two active players to come on board to help out with their NHL playoff coverage. At that point in my career, I was not aware that it would be my last year with the Canadiens. So I decided to join RDS that spring just because I thought it would help keep me busy. During the summer, I travelled to Italy with my wife to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, so I was mostly thinking the job would just help pay for our trip (laughs). Lastly, since I played such a big role in negotiations during the most recent labor dispute I was asked to address the media. When I retired, RDS approached me and asked if I wanted to start working for RDS at the onset of the next season. I started out by helping analyzing games specifically matches that did not involve the Canadiens during intermissions and was also part of their pre and post game coverage.

What was your perception of journalists when you were a player?

MD: I have always believed that you should treat people the way you would like to be treated. I therefore always tried to treat journalists with respect. However, one thing I said to RDS when I first arrived was that I am not a journalist, I am an analyst. I am not here to get scoops. I still have friends on those teams. I think I found my comfort zone in analyzing hockey games. I do a breakdown of the game I watching that night and that it. I have to admit that RDS have gone above and beyond in my situation. I was never asked to comment on subjects that compromised my personal relationships. I still have close friends on the Canadiens and other NHL teams. At my age, I even have friends on the administration side all over the league. I said right away I wasn comfortable compromising those relationships and they respected that. I want to maintain my relationship with the guys I still keep in contact with, like; Carey [Price] and David [Desharnais].

Analyzing the performance of your former team must feel a bit weird, right?

MD: At the beginning, yes. In my position, I try to make sure that I never criticize the player but rather critique the team as a whole. If a team plays badly, I be the first to say it. But the players receive non stop criticism from the media, they don need it from me too. I stick to analyzing what is happening in the game without targeting the players. I walked in their shoes. I remember in my first year there was a controversy surrounding Carey Price comparing him to a hermit. I had come to his defense on social media only to have people tell me that I should not be so quick to do so. But he is the best goalie in the world. That is why I returned to twitter today to ask, are the Carey haters now? I may be privy to some knowledge that others are not. I know the character of the guys in the room. I can talk about things that others might think they know, but it different when you on the inside.

While you were playing, did you ever picture what you would look like on the other side of the microphone?

MD: No I didn But at the same time, I’m never in the room mingling with the guys. So my situation is somewhat different. I’m not around the team constantly like some other media members are. I stick to commenting on what I see on TV or at the Bell Centre. I am not an insider. I love what I do, because I have always been drawn to stay in the hockey industry. It keeps me connected and I really like that. I always had a passion for analyzing games and that fact that I actually played in the sane NHL helps make my job easier. I do not want to disrespect the journalists, but it is difficult to analyze something that you have not experienced yourself. They can make draw some important conclusions, but as a former player, I can go even deeper.

How do you find that the media world has changed since your first began as a player?

MD: Today everyone is a medium. With blogs and social media, anyone can get rumors out, regardless of whether they are true or not. The landscape has changed. Now with smartphones in everyone hands, the fans have almost unlimited access to information. For players, you have to be even more careful.

During your career, which city journalists did you like the most or hate the most?

MD: In Canadian cities, people know their hockey a little bit more. The journalists in Tampa were always respectful. Even when I went to Montreal, they took the time to come see me. When I played for other teams, it was always special to see how crazy the Montreal media circus was. You typically had three or four journalists throughout the year and then suddenly you find yourself playing a game against Montreal in January that doesn even mean much and the dressing room is full.

What’s the most embarrassing question that you were asked as a player?

MD: I used to have problems with the obvious questions. I remember at one point in playoff series, I had suited up for warmup, but I did not play in the game. Journalists came to see me to ask me what that was like. What do you want me to answer? Because I certainly wasn going to say I enjoyed not playing. There are some tricky questions sometimes.

Do you ever have disagreements your colleagues?

MD: Sometimes when things go wrong with a team in the NHL, people make assumptions. That when I try to talk to them. I remember a colleague who mentioned that a player was struggling because he was not happy with his situation. But that is not how the NHL works. I think you need to play in the league to understand that.

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The 5 Most Amazing Real Life MacGyver Moments

Were MacGyver real, the world would be a safer place. And not just for people with mullets. Of course, you’d think that MacGyver’s almost supernatural resourcefulness has about as much place in the real world as a guy who shoots spider webs out of his wrists. You’d be wrong.

Apparently, people with preternatural resourcefulness exist in real life. Here are five that would have made the bemulleted one himself beam with the pride of a makeshift heart made out of Popsicle sticks, adidas south africa online store a timing belt and gum.

So it’s World War II. You’ve been sent into a secret Axis meeting room to obtain top secret maps of the enemy’s troop movements. You can’t steal the maps because that would raise suspicions and you can’t write down the coordinates because you’re retarded. Or you don’t have a pencil. Whichever is easier for you to believe.

All you’ve got is a wooden tray and a pocket full of Jell O you snuck out of the mess tent. You don’t know why you stole a handful of Jell O, and you especially don’t know why you stored it in your pocket, but there’s no turning back now. You can hear guards moving in and you’ve only got a few minutes to get what you came for. What should you do other than have the most pathetic last meal of all time?

According to the book, Colditz The Definitive History: The Untold Story of World War II’s Great Escapes, a group of British pilots in the Colditz prisoner camp were in that exact same situation. The boys gathered together some of the gelatin they had as rations, put the map face up on a wooden tray and poured the Jell O (lemon flavored) over them. They then took the Jell O and pressed it on a sheet of clear greaseproof paper.

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New Chicago archbishop ditches

By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Editor

(CNN) Chicago new archbishop does not plan to live in the $14 million mansion that housed many of his predecessors but was seen by some Catholics as out of touch with Pope Francis emphasis on simplicity.

Instead, Archbishop Blase Cupich, adidas zx flux south africa a moderate in the mold of Francis, will live in the rectory of Holy Name Cathedral, the archdiocese of Chicago announced Wednesday.

Cupich, who came to Chicago from Spokane, Washington, acknowledged the mansion long history as a home for the city Catholic leaders, adidas south africa online store but wanted to live near the cathedral so he could celebrate Mass there as much as possible, the archdiocese said.

This summer, CNN reported on the multimillion dollar homes of several American archbishops, including Chicago former leader, Cardinal Francis George. According to appraisers, the mansion where George lives with several priests is worth at least $14.3 million.

In addition to the residence area, the historic mansion includes offices, a spacefor receptionsand adidas factory shop a5,800 square foot coach house where three nuns live.

Cupich will use the mansion to host guests and hold functions, the archdiocese said, and has established an Archbishop’s Residence Committee to study how best to use it.

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has urged Catholic leaders to live simple, frugal lives.

hypocrisy of those consecrated men and women who profess vows of poverty, yet live like the rich, wounds the souls of the faithful and harms the Church,” he told Catholic bishops in Asia this August.

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Could Crossrail have uncovered the last resting place of Britain’s left

Archaeologists could be about to unearth the musket shot riddled remains of one of Britain’s great left wing heroes.

Executed by firing squad in April 1649, Robert Lockyer was an activist in England’s first democratic political movement, the Levellers. Archaeological excavations due to start early next month at Liverpool Street in central London could locate his final resting place. The site part of a long forgotten 16th/17th cemetery, known as Bedlam burial ground, in what is now central London is being investigated in preparation for the construction of the eastern entrance of the new east west London railway, Crossrail’s station complex at Liverpool Street.

Almost certainly born and bred nearby in London’s Bishopsgate area, he joined the parliamentarian army against Charles I at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1645. He became a Leveller, and was elected as an ‘agitator’ a representative of the rank and file soldiery.

As a Leveller, he wanted to see virtually universal male suffrage and biennial parliamentary elections not ideas that were of course accepted either by the royalists or the parliamentarian elite.

In order to break the links between troops with Leveller sympathies and Leveller workers in London, parliamentarian military bosses, probably including Oliver Cromwell himself, ordered that Lockyer and his leftist troops should be sent away from the capital. After Lockyer and his men had refused to comply, adidas factory shop Cromwell arrived at the scene and many of the protesters were arrested.

Six were sentenced to death. Five were pardoned but Lockyer was executed by firing squad in St. Paul’s Cathedral churchyard.

For left wing London, he became a martyr. Some 4000 Londoners, many defiantly wearing Leveller symbols, attended his funeral at Bedlam.

However, within 80 years, adidas originals south africa track top the cemetery was closed down and re developed. In the mid 18th century, housing for working class Londoners was built on the site and the martyr’s last resting place was forgotten. Then in, adidas adipure trainer south africa in 1829, those houses were demolished and Liverpool Street was constructed.

Only now, with the construction of Crossrail, is there a possibility that Lockyer’s long lost grave might be re discovered.

The archaeologists are also hoping that they may find another important Leveller grave that of John Lilburne, the movement’s most prominent leader.

Dying of natural causes at the age of 43, he was buried there in 1657. Known as ‘Freeborn John’, he was a thorn in the side of both Charles I and Cromwell.

Detailed knowledge as to exactly who lies buried in the cemetery had come to light only over recent months. Crossrail recruited a group of 16 volunteers to scour parish records throughout central London to discover which of those parishes’ 16th /17th century residents had been buried in Bedlam a graveyard that was created as an ‘overflow’ cemetery, primarily for use by poor residents of over 70 parishes who couldn’t afford to be interred in their local church’s graveyard.

Led by Crossrail archaeologist, Marit Leenstra, the volunteers succeeded in finding the names of 5323 of the 20,000 people interred at Bedlam .

The data collected by them suggests that around 21% of the 20,000 burials may have been bubonic plague victims, that a further 16% died of consumption and that around 13% died as infants (or had been stillborn). Up to 19% appear to have been prisoners.

The osteological analysis of the thousands of skeletons about to be unearthed is likely to transform historians’ understanding of early modern London.

Radical political campaigning taking place in Cromwellian England

“Because this was a major 16th/17th century London overflow cemetery, it was mainly used by the capital’s poorer inhabitants. The analysis will therefore give us an unprecedented opportunity to learn about working class Londoners’ lives at that crucial period in history,” said Crossrail’s most senior archaeologist, Jay Carver.

Scholars specializing in working class history, see the upcoming excavations at the old Bedlam graveyard as particularly significant.

“This new archaeological and historical research is of great importance as it will illuminate the lives of working class Londoners during two crucial centuries as well as highlighting the tremendous significance of the Leveller phenomenon,” said Chris Burgess, Curator of the Manchester based People’s History Museum, the UK’s national museum dedicated to the struggle for democracy in Britain since the time of the Levellers.

“The Levellers were the beginnings of the movement for wider suffrage in Britain. They represent the genesis of popular English political radicalism the birth of the first democratic movement in English history,” he said.

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Swiss Watch Brands List

Swiss watch manufacturers carry an unshakeable reputation. Owning a Swiss watch is a matter of class, pride, and adidas south africa online store style for many. Needless to say, adidas y3 south africa being the best in the business, most Swiss time pieces are quite expensive.

Breitling, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Swiss Army, Tissot, , etc. are among the most famous brands in the world whose exquisite craftsmanship is regarded highly. Besides these, there are a host of other watchmaking companies that are as famous. was formerly known as Wilsdorf Davis, and adidas south africa actually began its operations in London before moving base to Geneva in 1919. This brand has quite many models and some of them are Air King, Datejust Turn O Graph, Lady Datejust Pearlmaster, Daytona, Day Date Oyster Perpetual, Explorer, GMT Master II, Yacht Master, Sea Dweller, etc.

TAG Heuer

Monaco, Carrera, Silverstone, TAG Heuer SLR, Golf Watch, Aquaracer, TAG Heuer Formula 1, Microtimer. These are some great models that TAG Heuer has for you and some of them have been awarded with the prestigious International Forum Design honors. The materials that this brand use for making their watches are gemstones, diamonds, lanthanum, sapphire crystal, ceramics, etc. Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose this brand in 1917 as its official timekeepers for its combat units, followed by the American army in 1918. watches were the choice of NASA and the first watch on the Moon in 1969.