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Worked extremely well for practices of a soccer team…

ProReferee Soccer Referee Jersey Long Sleeve (Yellow)I can’t speak to the longevity, but these worked great for our U8 teams (boys and girls) at our first practice. They weren’t too big for the younger/smaller players, but also had plenty of room for the older/bigger kids. Great product, great price

I am coaching my sons 10u boys team this year and needed these for when we scrimmage. They were perfect for what I needed! If you have heavier set boys on your team they will either be snug or to little but they fit everyone on our team except one kid. I just had his team not wear them and it was still way easier to keep up with them while scrimmaging!

These are a good value for the price and I was surprised how well they held up. I washed them when I first received them and had no problems. i used them to coach an under 12 boys cheap soccer balls team for 1 season (Aug – Oct) and they wore well during the 2x week practices.

The construction is good, after being thrown in a soccer bag and worn by multiple kiddos ages 5-7 the stitching is still in place. They are very light and breathable as well. The colors look like the image. I’d imagine with the size, the kids can continue to use them into Jr. High.

We bought these for the 2 soccer teams we coached last season. They were a little big for the little 4u team (nothing a rubber band can’t fix), but they fit our 10u team great. They were shoved into ball bags and thrown around and held up through it all. I recommend these for sure.