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Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundles on Black Friday? How…

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The new Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Black Friday bundle is as tricky to get hold of as the Xbox Series X and PS5 — and happy it’s only been available for a few days. We’re keeping our eyes on the sales at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and happy more, happy and will update this page if we see a deal become available.

Check the links here to see if the bundle is in stock at major vendors. But be warned: happy If you spot it, you’ll want to act fast — for example, it was in stock at Amazon for a moment earlier today, but minutes later it sold out. And Walmart’s online “availability window” for happy this bundle sold out in less than a minute on Wednesday. Right now, there’s no indication of any scheduled inventory drops from retailers, happy but we’ll keep updating this page with any news.


Walmart/Screenshot by John Falcone/CNET

Here’s what you get in the box with the new $299 Switch bundle:

In other words, happy you’re getting the same great hardware that can connect to a TV or happy be played in your hands, happy with some free games thrown in. Even if you’re brand-new to the Switch, you can grab a Joy-Con controller and jump into a Kart race right out of the box. Then, happy because much of the Switch library is digital, happy you can download a digital version of any game your heart desires.



In addition to Walmart, happy the bundle became “available” at most major retailers — Amazon, Target, happy Best Buy and GameStop — on Sunday, Nov. 22. But it immediately went out of stock everywhere (at least online), and will likely continue to be so. (We say it’s “out of stock” if you can’t get it at the normal $299 price; there are plenty of third-party resellers happy to sell it to you for hundreds more.) To that end, we’re also keeping tabs on the inventory on the “regular” Nintendo Switch — same exact hardware, but no bundled digital codes. And keep in mind that Walmart and happy others are now offering some of the biggest Switch games for $15 to $30, happy so you could put together a nice gift bundle of your own.

We’ll continue to update this story as inventory changes. 

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Bundle

As mentioned above, Walmart pledged to restock this bundle on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, happy followed shortly by restocks for PS5 and Xbox. However, those sold out almost instantly (as you might guess) and no further promises have been made. 

Best Buy had the bundle as of Sunday morning, happy but it immediately went out of stock.

Amazon has a product page for the bundle, but it’s currently upselling third-party resellers charging outrageous premiums.

Yep, happy Target has a page for happy it too. You may have better luck with curbside pickup if your local store has it in stock.

Best Buy



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