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The look of it & quality very cool nice.…

2 months agoI’m 6 feet & 2 inches tall 185 pounds trim. I purposefully ordered a size (small) because most of my experiences Jerseys run so large. I suppose that’s topically because for allowing shoulder pads to be worn underneath? I don’t intend pads underneath & I no longer play fantasy football logos (click the up coming webpage). I usually order medium for casual wear. I prefer a fitted Jersey look. Absolutely no tight fit and absolutely no baggy look. Just slightly, breathably lose. Casual with a standard t-shirt underneath the Jersey feel & look. 1st time I’ve chanced a size (small) and I am pleasantly surprised, happily satisfied. Happy as when the “magic rays of sunshine come down on you when you’re feeling blue” kind of happy. Like what mama say that happiness comes from.

So keep this in mind, considering my stature, with the size small. It fits me perfectly the way I hoped for and wanted. The stitching seems great. The emblems are cool. The look is what I hoped for. The quality seems on point especially for the price. Waterboy is a favorite movie of mine. I’m satisfied!! I’ll be ordering another for my brother. He loves it as well. Thx!! And remember to hydrate with clean, cold, high quality

I’ll start by saying, I do NOT handle heat well when standing outside in direct sunlight. I sweat, a lot.

It fits very snugly, as it’s supposed to. The material is very light. It feels like a second skin, which I generally HATE, but once it started to heat up, I could immediately see the benefit and I was very happy to have it on. At 2pm in the afternoon, again, blasted with sun, 109 degrees F with heat index, I was the only photographer still on the track. Everyone thought I was nuts.

I bought this because I can stand on a race track for 8-10 hours straight in direct sunlight and normally, with a T-Shirt, I would be absolutely burnt to a crisp and drenched in sweat. I’ve experienced heat fatigue symptoms standing in lower temperatures, drinking gallons of water and gatorade.

I bought this to keep the sun off of me. I will say it does an AMAZING job keeping me cool. I can still feel heat from the sun, but I’m not getting roasted. I sweat, but not as much. The wind cools me right off.

This seller was super great to work with. My company is play a soccer match in next week. We had to order 18 items soccer team uniforms.